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The Birkett Mills

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How Our Buckwheat is Gluten-Free

The Birkett Mills processes its pure buckwheat food products in a self contained mill dedicated solely to buckwheat grain. No other substances are processed in our buckwheat milling systems.

In addition, all buckwheat received from the farm is thoroughly cleaned of foreign matter to maximize the purity of the grain prior to milling. Fortunately, wheat and other glutinous grains are a very different size and shape than buckwheat, which is actually triangular. Any glutinous grains, which may rarely be present in buckwheat when received from the farm, are quite easily removed in our cleaning process.

After milling, our pure buckwheat food products are packaged immediately on totally dedicated equipment.

For added assurance, The Birkett Mills has initiated sporadic testing for gluten in its pure buckwheat food products using the enzyme immunoassay based on a monoclonal antibody to omega-glaidin. This testing procedure was recently adopted as an AOAC official method for measuring glaidin as a gauge of gluten in foods. None of the pure buckwheat food products coming directly from our mill have tested positive for gluten at sensitivity levels above twenty parts per million (the maximum sensitivity of the test).