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Breakfast: Buckwheat-Amaranth Porridge with Strawberries and Coconut

Delicious porridge!
Serves: 4
a little canola oil
1/2 cup each: buckwheat groats and amaranth
2 cups water
a little salt
1/4 or more almond milk (or your favorite kind)
sliced strawberries
sweetened or unsweetened coconut
raw pecans or almonds, roughly chopped
spoonful coconut oil
a little raw sugar (I used vanilla raw sugar)


1. Heat a pan over medium-high heat and add a little oil. Add the buckwheat groats and cook until they smell toasty and start to turn brown.

2. Add the amaranth, water and salt. Cover and turn heat to low. Cook until all the liquid has been absorbed and the buckwheat and amaranth are tender. (Add more water if necessary and continue cooking until tender.)

3. Stir in the almond milk, it should be about the consistency of thick oatmeal after the almond milk has been added.

4. Divide into 4 servings and top with strawberries, coconut, coconut oil, nuts, and sprinkle with a little raw sugar.

Buckwheat-Amaranth Porridge with Strawberries and Coconut
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