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The Birkett Mills

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Can I contract to grow buckwheat with The Birkett Mills?

Yes, The Birkett Mills contracts directly with growers each Spring. View our Growers Contract Letter for more information.

How do I grow buckwheat commercially?

Cornell University provides extensive information about growing buckwheat on their website. You may also download these guides for your reference: Factsheet 50 and Factsheet 51, also from Cornell. You may also give us a call at (315) 536-3311 or email us at [email protected] and ask for our grower contract information. Include your mailing address and we'd be happy to mail you the information and a brochure.

Where does buckwheat grow best?

Buckwheat grows best in northern climates. Medium texture soils are best.

Can I grow buckwheat in my backyard garden?

Yes, it's easy to grow your own buckwheat. It flourishes on poor soil, needs only a 10-week growing season, grows so thick that it smothers out weeds, and adds nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil.

What is the timing on crop development?

Buckwheat emerges 5 to 7 days after planting. It begins flowering about 5 weeks after planting, with full maturation taking place in approximately 70 days.

When should buckwheat be planted and how much should be used?

While typically planted in late-June, sowing may take place as late as mid-July. About 45 to 60 pounds are required per acre with 6 or 7 inch row spacing.

What are typical costs and yields?

The cost to plant buckwheat totals about $60 to $90 per acre for seed, planting, harvesting, fuel, repairs, etc. Yields typically range from 1000 to 1500 pounds per acre, with highs up to 2000 pounds per acre.


Do you have wheat pricing available for 2020's harvest?

As this year’s wheat harvest rapidly approaches, we wanted to take the opportunity to inform you about our 2020 Wheat Pricing Program and provide an update on our receiving house schedules for wheat harvest.

We will be accepting all soft red winter wheat and Certified Organic soft red winter wheat at both our Penn Yan and King Ferry locations. In addition, our King Ferry location is also accepting, on a limited basis, soft white wheat as well as red and white feed wheat above 2 PPM Vomitoxin. All wheat must be delivered below 14.0% moisture.

We are pleased to offer a variety of selling options to accommodate your specific needs. All wheat can be sold in the following ways:

1) CASH PRICE: Cash price established at time of each delivery for payment within ten working days from last load delivered.

2) HARVEST STORAGE PROGRAM: Price a minimum of 25% of wheat delivered at harvest, store up to 75% free until October 1. Storage starts thereafter at $.0034 per bu. per day. Must be priced by seller on or before February 1, 2021 while daily market is active.

3) LOCK IN FUTURES/HEDGE TO ARRIVE: Delayed delivery (October‐June) with a guaranteed future price established at time of booking with basis established at time of booking as well.

4) LOCK IN BASIS: Delayed delivery (October‐June) with a guaranteed basis established at booking for time period desired for delivery, wheat price established on CBOT Board at any time desired by seller while market is still active for the time period chosen.

If you are interested in a different arrangement than what is offered above, please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to discuss alternatives.

Our receiving houses will be open during harvest weekdays from 7 AM through 3:30 PM or until all trucks are unloaded. Weekend deliveries can be scheduled by appointment on Friday of each week. To make any additional arrangements outside of the delivery windows listed above, please call us to schedule an appointment.

Current prices, and weekend delivery appointments may be obtained at our receiving houses or by phone. For Penn Yan delivery, please call us at 315-536-9200; for King Ferry dial 315-223-1955. All delayed delivery bookings (September-May) can be made directly through Brian McFetridge or Kyle Gifford who can be reached at our Main Office Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM at 315-536-3311.

We hope the wheat harvest goes well for you and truly appreciate you considering The Birkett Mills as you look to market at harvest and throughout the year. All growers play a vital role in the food supply chain and we thank you for helping us continue to mill healthy, high quality wheat products that are enjoyed by consumers across the country. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you!