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The Birkett Mills

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Can I contract to grow buckwheat with The Birkett Mills?

Yes, The Birkett Mills contracts directly with growers each Spring. View our Growers Contract Letter for more information.

How do I grow buckwheat commercially?

Cornell University provides extensive information about growing buckwheat on their website. You may also download these guides for your reference: Factsheet 50 and Factsheet 51, also from Cornell. You may also give us a call at (315) 536-3311 or email us at and ask for our grower contract information. Include your mailing address and we'd be happy to mail you the information and a brochure.

Where does buckwheat grow best?

Buckwheat grows best in northern climates. Medium texture soils are best.

Can I grow buckwheat in my backyard garden?

Yes, it's easy to grow your own buckwheat. It flourishes on poor soil, needs only a 10-week growing season, grows so thick that it smothers out weeds, and adds nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil.

What is the timing on crop development?

Buckwheat emerges 5 to 7 days after planting. It begins flowering about 5 weeks after planting, with full maturation taking place in approximately 70 days.

When should buckwheat be planted and how much should be used?

While typically planted in late-June, sowing may take place as late as mid-July. About 45 to 60 pounds are required per acre with 6 or 7 inch row spacing.

What are typical costs and yields?

The cost to plant buckwheat totals about $60 to $90 per acre for seed, planting, harvesting, fuel, repairs, etc. Yields typically range from 1000 to 1500 pounds per acre, with highs up to 2000 pounds per acre.